Advanced Medical Solutions




Amesca brings advanced medical solutions from the forefront of medical technology to the doorstep of healthcare providers.

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Our Mission

In the last twenty years, we have witnessed breakthrough innovations in diagnostics, therapeutics, and medical devices. However, corresponding innovations in the healthcare delivery system still struggle to catch up. 

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We work at the convergence of healthcare and technology to deliver state-of-the-art solutions to hospitals, specialised clinics, and other health facilities.


We work with medical innovators across the globe and help facilitate the adoption of their technology to enhance both the efficiency of medical facilities and the quality of patient care. 


In partnership with public and private health entities, we are committed to delivering safe, effective, next-generation products and services that meet and exceed the expectations of physicians and their patients.  



Our Partners

We work with medical innovators from across the globe to bring their technology into practice. We're always looking to establish new partnerships with pioneers in the field.

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A forward-thinking healthcare culture.

We look to find new solutions.



We believe that the best process is iterative and we want to get products in front of doctors and patients as soon as possible. 


Agile teams

At Amesca, we work in flat, well balanced teams. Each team has a mix of skill levels and talents to complete projects quickly. Trying new ideas is encouraged since we aim to be a pioneer in healthcare delivery


We encourage continual learning, continual improvement, continual iteration of all things. Our employees are attentive and engaged with governments, businesses, and individuals. 


flexible schedules

Delivery and results above hours and time tracking. We employ a relaxed work environment and offer schedule flexibility.




Our Team

Amesca consists of a team of medical specialists from Bahrain looking to upgrade the healthcare system. 

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